Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Experience...

Privyet, Menya Zovut Gabrielle :P... haahaha.. Hey everyone... My name is Gabrielle Boudville, I am turning this October(my DOB is October 5,1990). I am one of the Miss World Malaysia finalist... hopefully the Winner soon :P ... I am so excited to start this blog... which I think is an awesome idea for Miss World Malaysia because you viewers can get to know us more personally now... And I will write everything here with honest truth :)

I am starting to write about my experience from 2008...
So, here goes...

My life was pretty normal at first , but it started to take a huge turn when I finished secondary school. After secondary school. I took up a modeling course at University College Sedaya International(UCSI) in early January. I was given the chance to model, I did runway shows and appeared on adverts in newspapers for that college. And I also got Best Student for that course :) . After that, I entered MODA’s Malaysian Young Models Competition in mid 2008, I only managed to get into top 12.

The University

In July 2008, I enrolled in Limkokwing University to study fashion design, Limkokwing has changed my life tremendously, and I don't regret a day enrolling in this university. We get good education here, the teachers are super awesome.. and plus I get to make a lot of friends from around the world, which is another awesome thing. My knowledge has been broadened, and it's broadening still from mixing with differently cultured people... When I was a kid, I had a hard time fitting in in primary and secondary school... I felt that I was an outsider... because normally people mixed with their own races and it was hard for me to find someone that I can bond with, you can say that I had a rough time... But everything changed when I joined Limkokwing... they accepted me straightaway... I was even the freshie queen on Freshie's prom night :P

My best friends are all from different countries. Just by observing around the campus, you can see that all the races mixes together without any prejudice. I am really awed by this. Not only am I learning fashion design, I am also learning about other cultures and different people.Limkokwing also gave me the chance to model. I participated in a vast amount of photoshoots and fashion shows there...

What I don't appriciate is that when i say that I am a LKW student, some people make faces of dissaproval. Come on la.. you will never know how that university is like unless you have been in it... and I got to say its a very very unique experience.

April 2009

I got the chance to be an F1 grid girl! :D I was Holding the British flag for Hamilton! hahaha... so kool right? Eventhough I am not quite and F1 fan, its still so awesome...

May 2009 MMU

I entered Miss Malaysia Universe, I only managed to be in the top 18,but I have got to say that it was also a great experience, I mean, I learnt a lot. Especially from Peter Lum, not only did he teach me how to take care of my physical self, but he also gave me long long lectures about being the best you can be personality wise... This contest helped me gain more confidence.

July 2009

I get to travel to China for the first time! Eleen Yong, Cassandra Patrick and I entered the Asian Super Model Contest which was held in Nanning... We worked sooo hard during that 9 days... we had rehersals from morning to night almost everyday non-stop...but everything went great.. I learnt catwalk from both Cass and Eleen, which i am so grateful for... :)

September 2009-Miss World Malaysia

i will blog more about this later :)

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