Friday, September 25, 2009

Pictures pictures pictures!

I love Pictures....A picture is worth a thousand words. I wanna write about my experiences but its just too much.. I don't even know where to start... So by putting pictures on here, maybe you can get to know more about me... Here I am with my family and friends. :)

hahaha, this was during freshie's night in late july 2008.. This is me with my first friends in Limkokwing. From left: Sara , Me , Meda, Deffany, Tasya...

My sisters and I outside Victoria Station after we celebrated our mom's birthday :)

This is a recent picture.. David and I are new student ambassadors in Limkokwing. This was a Mariann's place. From Left : David, Me, Rafeh, Mariann

We were swimming at the Domain pool.. Arina and me... hahaha.

My sisters, cousin and I, after the bus sent me back to KLCC from Sepang... :)
From left: Sarah, Me, Stephanie, Amy,Samantha

At Limkokwing, Angel and I were helping our friend out to promote his art. From Left: Me, Angel, Rafeh

Meda and I in Sunway Pyramid :)

Dolly and me :)

Indonesian :P

my Fashion Design class...

Us taking a picture with Tan Sri Limkokwing :D

Old old memories...

My little sister Amy and I...

Back when I play guitar...ohh yeeaah!

Veen and I, when we went around Puncak Alam to take pictures... It was a fun time and experience :)

Sherlene and Me chilling at a beach in Singapore...

My classmates supporting me for Miss Malaysia Universe

My good friend Hamish and I.. hahaha...
Gabrielle:Hamish, Walk beside me....
Hamish: Okay...
Gabrielle:... So that I wont look like the only freak

Scarf again... from Left: Me, Dolly, Sepideh

Angeline,Me,Kira,Sita,Sara in class...


David making fun of my Miss World Malaysia profile picture. Biatch...

It's already reaching competition week, and I am thankful of all the support and advice that I am getting from my family and friends. I just want to say thank you to all who is supporting me. I love all of you guys... you know who you are. I will do my best to focus and stay positive and most importantly, enjoy myself! :)

Beauty is Power

What do I think about 'Beauty is Power?' Well, beauty can be in any form... beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Whether be ones looks or personality... a person can be beautiful in different ways, you can be beautiful for having grace and elegance, you can be beautiful for being humble, you can be beautiful for having a good heart... All of this is beauty.

Beauty inspires people. Humans love beautiful things... with beauty, they get inspired. For example, an ameteur artist admires the paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci. This ameteur tries to paint as good a Da Vinci himself because he admires Da Vinci's works.Now, Da Vinci is influencing this artist... By that, Da Vinci has referent power over this artist.

So, What is 'Beauty is Power'? Beauty is inspiration, inspiration is influence, and influence is Power.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Asian Super Model Contest 2009

In July 2009, I went to China along with Cassandra Patrick and Eleen Yong to participate in the Asian Super Model Contest. I've got to say that it is a very tiring experience... we were rehearsing non-stop for about 9 days to make this event a sucessful one... But I had a great time. It was my first time travelling to China. This event took place in the Guang Xi TV station in Nanning China. I wanna thank Ashley for giving me a chance to participate and also Cassandra and Eleen for teaching me catwalk. :)

The whole group

Outside a stadium... all of us in our countries traditional Costume :) i am the one in the Iban outfit.

from left: Cassandra Patrick, Ashley Chan, eleen Yong and Me. Ashley was the one who was taking care of us. :)

Us in our Malaysian traditional costume :)
Cass, Eleen and I together with the Koreans and Japanese

Us with the choreographer
Chinese tribal costumes! its so beautiful!
Swimsuit round
The Dresses are by Dorian Ho. I never realized that the clothes were that beautiful...
Evening gown round

The MMU experience

I joined Miss Malaysia Universe 2009, and i wrote about my experience in my other private blog... So now i am just gonna copy and paste it in here starting from... Now.

This May, I entered Miss Malaysia Universe 2009. I was contestant number 9, Gabrielle Ashley Boudville. Hahaha. I am not afraid to write my full name online anymore. :P and apparently i am the mongolian in this competition :P..anyone that doesn,t know me who is reading this, i am Eurasian( french , portuguese, Chinese) :D..My parents also found out about this competition and asked me to join. So I went for the interview.We had training for approximately a week before the final day, i learned a lot, Peter Lum was our groomer, i always got scolding from him, hahaha because my mind was drifting someplace else the whole time(according to him :P) ... but his intentions were good. And Peter’s sister Karlai WAS AWESOME!!! I was talking about serial killers to some of the girls when i found out that she was also interested in Psychology and True Crime! I was so excited to discuss about this topic with her! And she even gave me quite a number of books on True Crime! But unfortunately I haven’t read it yet...i will soon though, when I am free. Thanks Karlai! If you ever read this. :D
I got to meet the lots and lots of kool sponsors! I am really thankful... and we got loads of free stuff... i favourite free stuff was the Tennis Dress that Ana Ivanovic wears!!! I LOVE IT! Thanks ADIDAS! And normally i don’t wear colors but Jaspal gave me this really nice mini blue dress. Roxy gave us a swimsuit.. never imagined that i will ever wear a bikini but it was awesome. and other sponsors like Adonis and Rmk gave us a lot too...

I came to this competition unprepared, I mean, I don’t even have a single idea of what beauty queens were supposed to do, I learned a lot. We had to look good at all times, we were constantly photographed. We had to visit sponsors a lot. And the most challenging part was SMILING!!! Damn it was so effing hard to smile the whole day, if you watched the videos on TV, my face was like ‘ Can i stop smilling now?’ hahahahaha... Oh yea...Some people thought we were shemales! Hahahaa. I take that as a compliment, becuase shemales are really hot. :P
I got the chance to meet a lot of famous people... I didn’t really recognise most of them :X ... sorry, out dated :X ... but now i know a few.. i got to meet former beauty queens like Maggie Loo( she is so sweet! Always giving advice, talking about God... her sister was awesome too!) , Natalie Glebova is really really HOT I got to say. Hahaha! She was Miss Universe 2005 and I got the chance to meet and talk to her too, we were talking about normal stuff, and there was one point where I was talking about Tennis with her, she said she isn’t really a big fan of tennis but she was going to Wimbledon is year. I didn’t even realise that Natalie’s husband is A TENNIS PLAYER until I was watching Wimbledon! Freakin' awesome.

The hotel that we stayed in was awesome too, The Royale Chulan, quite new but nice... it was really cold and big! there is this hall(something like an outdoor ballroom, infront of the cafeteria), it was so beautiful, white marble floor i think, we had an islamic fashion show there after the competition. Ahahaha. And the Staff there was really friendly! And i LOVE the Buffet there! Ahahahahaha... we were supposed to go on a diet but I ate like a cow there, I LOVE the chocolate fountain. HAHAHAHAHA!!! The hotel GM is very funny. hahaha. he said he has 3 favourites, and i am one of them. hahaha.

from left: Amelia, Me, Christy, Joanna, Geetha :) we just love the middle eastern culture :P

The Winner Of MMU 2009, Joanna Belle and Me on the Putrajaya Cruise :D
At Putrajaya! one of the places i feel most comfortable at :) Heidi Jean and Me :)

We were at Sakae Sushi. I had a great time. the MMU friends I made there are awesome :) From Left: Me, Eleen Yong and Claudia Sibert :)


Here are some pictures during when I was doing some modeling...

During the Camel Active fashion show, I was one of the 6 female models.

This was at some club...I cant remember the name.. I dont really go clubbing.. so far I went only once... :X

Photoshoot for Rico Rinaldi's Designs somewhere at a car park outside of KL Sentral.. I am the one in the middle. :)

During Style Wars, was modeling for Rico Rinaldi.

Eva, Doly, Rico and Me! during Style Wars!

During the Gothic Fashion Show at LUCT.. I modeled for Stefanie :)

My friends and I during the Creativity in Motion Fashion Show, it was held in Bangsar Shopping center. It was a fun long day :)

checking out the brochure of the photoshoot

Modeling for San San. He got one of the best student award .

Photoshoot for the Creativity in Motion Photoshoot, Outfit by Diana Azmi

During the Maya Event at LUCT, I got a chance to wear this beautiful indian outfit. :D

Hahaha.. Doly and Me dressed up for the Arrival of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad at LUCT. Doly is dressed as a Japanese , and me as a Thai girl :P .. it was fun.

During the Batik Fashion show at LUCT

Eleen Yong and me during the batik islamic fashion show at The Royale Chulan Hotel

During Miss Malaysia Universe. Eleen and Me. :)

During F1 2009,I was one of the grid girls.I am the 4th from the left. :D

ohhh yeeaaa!