Saturday, September 19, 2009

Joining Miss World Malaysia.

I got to say that when I was a kid, when I watched these pageants on TV, I saw beautiful women, but I did not see the point of why they joined these beauty pageants... I mean, what was the point? As I grew older, I didn't keep up with beauty pageants at all. But in May this year, I did the unexpected by joining Miss Malaysia Universe. Hahaha, my friends were suprised that I joined.
Me being all dark and mysterious, people were scared of me. hahaha.. because if i don't smile, people will think that I am angry or something... hahaha.. Actually I am very friendly :)... I describe myself as 'Keras' on the outside but soft-hearted on the inside... I practically can mix with anyone.

Okay okay, so... I join MMU, had a good time, good experience, but my heart wasn't in it to win it. I was like whatever la... I didn't even reached the top 8... and you know why? its all psychology... I wasn't focusing for the goal... I know why Joanna Belle won that night... She had so much of positive energy, for example, she didn't sulk or took things personally when she got scolded by our groomer (sorry Peter, I know you did this for our own good :)... ), she just laughed it off. She was thinking positively, she was humble, thats why she shone that night...

Okay... then came Miss World Malaysia. I didn't want to join, It was a last minute thing, I went to the auditions to wait for my friend Doly to audition, we were going fabric hunting after that.. Then the organizer was persuading me to join...I signed the form. Omg.. the video of me was so bad huh? hahaha ... The Judges asked me whether I wanted to be Miss World Malaysia 2009 or not... I said No... but wait... after that I said ' If I join Miss World Malaysia, I want to win, I want to be prepared for this, I want to be the best for Malaysia, so I will join next year...'

And so the organizer Hazel gave me to think about it... then I realized Why Not? I can do my best and try to be the best Now, rather then waiting for next year... its now or never... If I am not the best, it doesn't matter, at least there is a better contestant out there to represent Malaysia.. But for now, I am gonna try very hard to be That contestant.

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