Monday, September 21, 2009

About me...

The profile on the MWM site doesn't describe me at all... my interest on there is just photography and reading... doesn't describe much?
Name: Gabrielle Ashley Boudville
Date of birth : October 5th 1990... I am gonna turn 19 next month :)
Race: Eurasian ... I am a mixed of French , Portuguese and Chinese.
Body: I have a great body.. I am not to thin nor too fat... I have an Atheletic body.. I am quite toned with just enough muscle. :)

I am Currently studying in Limkokwing University in Cyberjaya and I recently just became Student Ambassador. :)

My interests
True Crime
I love reading about true crime, especially the ones about serial killers/killers. You ask me anything about killers like Jeffrey Dahmer,Bathory, Gilles De Rais ,etc... I can tell you all about it :). what I am also interested in is the psychology of these killers, their disorders , their thoughts, it has always interest me. It makes me realize that these so called monsters are only just Humans.

I have to really really practice on my tennis skills. I love watching tennis though... My favourite male player is Rafa Nadal. Although he isn't doing that well now.. but he is improving... Plus he is a very humble person, unlike some tennis players *cough*, he loves his fans unlike some tennis players *cough*.. he doesn't blame the lighting when he loses, unlike some tennis players *cough*... I LOVE YOU RAFA! :D .. as for women tennis players, my favourites keeps changing, I like Ana Ivanovic a lot, but she doesn't play well, Safina too, I prefer Venus over Serena for obvious reasons... :P... What I can say about women's tennis is that it isn't consistent...

I love music, but not the mainstream music. I love Metal Music or music associated with metal... Melo Death metal bands such as In Flames, Cradle of Filth and Arch Enemy.. Deathcore such as Suicide Silence, Oceano... Grindcore such as heavy heavy low low, Nasum etc... Bands like Pantera, Deftones... the softer music that I listen to are bands like Depeche Mode, The Cure, Alice Cooper... theres a wide range that i listen to... and its awesome music! \m/

I love movies like City of God, American History X, the Godfather , A clockwork Orange,Reservoir Dogs, American Psycho ,Girl Interrupted, The Green Mile... Movies like these.. you get the general idea ;)

Chronicle of Crime, The World Greatest Serial Killers, Pride and Prejudice, The shoemaker... books like these...

I am trying to learn Russian, I dont know why but I took interest in the language just recently... I can only say a few lines and words.. but I am still learning unprofessionally.

I love photography. I will post my photography up in another post.

I will post it in another post.. my art with no motive :P

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